Disability Awareness Training for Businesses & Organisations

The Key to an inclusive workplace is Informed and confident staff.
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Our training is unique. It’s fun, engaging and emotive. The sessions are interactive and we never use PowerPoint! We challenge the attitudes and perceptions of disability.

We aim to remove the embarrassment of social interaction when working with disabled people by building your confidence and teaching you simple communication tips in a relaxed, interactive learning environment.

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Why book our training?

We believe that there is no better way to become more comfortable around disability than by meeting people with different impairments.

Our trainers have a range of disabilities and are here to remove the fear factor so often associated with disability. They’ve heard it all before and welcome your questions, so don’t be shy and get stuck in!

Training is delivered in your workplace or alternatively we have rooms in London, enabling you to come to us. Tailor your training to suit your client and staff needs.

Topics Covered:

  1. Deaf awareness
  2. Visual impairments
  3. Physical impairments
  4. Language and terminology
  5. Disability and Communication training

Can I say 'see you later' to a blind person?

Questions we've had in the past...

Would I refer to someone as Dwarf, midget or little person if they are small?

Questions we've had in the past...

Should I get down to the same level as a wheelchair user, or is that patronising?

Questions we've had in the past...

Training FAQ’s

How much does your training cost?

Full day – 7 hours with 2 trainers – £1,200
Half day – 3 and a half hours with 1 trainer – £650

What will we learn?

  • By the end of our time together, you and your colleagues will understand the communication, etiquette and language issues around disability and feel confident putting the tips and advice we give you in to practice in your daily lives.
  • You will have developed an understanding of the barriers that disabled people experience when accessing services and learn ways to overcome them.
  • You’ll be able to recognise the role that attitudes towards disability play in discrimination and how they might need to be reshaped.
  • Everyone in the session will have many opportunities to discuss and ask questions in a relaxed and safe environment.

What does the training session include?

  • Full training with highly qualified disabled trainers
  • Useful contact details
  • Post training support by email or telephone
  • Enhance the UK certificate of attendance

Who delivers the training?

We are a professional, experienced team with education, training, counselling, mentoring and business backgrounds. All of our associate trainers and affiliated vocational practitioners are professionally qualified. We ensure high quality teaching and learning.

Where does the training take place?

We can come to you as long as your venue is accessible, alternatively you can come to us as we have a training venue in Camden, London that is fully accessible.

How do we book our session?

To book your workshop please contact us:

+44 0208 226 5055

We provide this service for schools too!

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