Unconscious Bias Training

In these politically correct days, do you dare to admit that you are biased?

You may not want to admit it, but we are all biased. From the early days of mankind our brains have developed an automatic, instantaneous flight-fight-freeze response to situations that we perceive to be in some kind of way threatening.

Whilst we may no longer have to deal with the kinds of dangers our primitive ancestors faced, our brains still make us react in the same unwitting way when we are exposed to certain situations. We all have unconscious bias. Our biases will determine how we respond and react to different people and different situations without being aware of it. And the way that we behave will determine how people respond to us.

About this training workshop...

This workshop, delivered by Roland Chesters (MCMI, ACIPD) of Luminate will help you to safely explore and understand what your own unconscious biases may be, how to recognise and understand them and how to manage them.

Roland’s style of delivery is interactive, with plenty of opportunity for tangible learning experiences. You will leave challenged and stimulated, with a different view of the world.

Roland is Project Co-ordinator for Disability Action Alliance at Disability Rights UK, Vice Chair of the National Long Term Survivors’ Group, and Special Adviser on HIV/AIDS to the BDF and runs his own training company, Luminate.

Costs & Times

Full day – 7 hours with 2 trainers – £1,200
Half day – 3 hours with 1 trainer – £600

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